Wednesday, 6 July 2016

The Terrarium Project

Friday 1st July 2016

The Terrarium Project

Equipment we need;

  • A 1.5 liter bottle
  • A fish and shrimp
  • Water (very necessary)
  • Freshwater plant (necessary if you you don't have a plant which the fish eats).
What we are going to do;
  • Get a 1.5 liter bottle and fill it with water
  • Put in a plant which the fish and shrimp will eat
  • Put the bottles in a place where there is little sunlight
  • Hope that it would stay there for a long time.
I think that the fish would live for 15 days (half a month) because as far as I saw the 1.5 liter bottle, the water didn't grow yellow just yet. If they die, the reason might be that they are losing oxygen. 

Reason of jars turning yellow;
The reason is that there are too much carbon dioxide which indicates the bromothymol blue changing it into yellow.

How plants and animals depend on each other?
If animals doesn't have any plants to eat, they die. In addition, if the animals doesn't fertilize (by dung) the plants would die and the whole world would become extinct

What will happen in 1 week?
In one week of the animals that are living inside the bottle might die because there is no sunlight to produce them oxygen.

When did the fish die?
It died on the date Monday 4th July 2016. R.I.P

I think that the fish died because carbon dioxide could be in the bottle which contained the fish or shrimp. The groups that have their fish alive, their bottle is different from ours by; the weed is less than the first time we put it in.

If I were to do the experiment again, I would change by opening the bottle and putting more weed in it to keep the fish survive even longer and changing the water every 5 days.

1.  What do you think kills the fish/shrimp--oxygen or temperature of water,  why?
- I think that oxygen might affect the fish by them breathing out carbon-dioxide.
- Temperature might affect the plant that produces oxygen and food (they might not have enough sunlight) and not doing their job (photosynthesis).

2.  Did you find anything interesting in the lab?
- I like to do experiments and I found an interesting fact; in the window in the lab, it looks like there is enough sunlight to all of the bottles but there are only some which survives. Because there are sunlight to support the plant and the fish.

3.  What other things could kill the fish?
- In some other bottles, there are some fungus in the bottle, that might be another fact that can kill the fish. As far as I observed the bottle, there is only one in ten bottles that have fungus in them.

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