Thursday, 28 July 2016

Prey and predator adaptations.

This is a cheetah attacking a gazelle at 110 kilometers per hour (110kmph). The gazelle has high speed to run rapidly away from the cheetah, the gazelle also has excellent vision to see the cheetah from afar. Whereas, the cheetah has excellent vision to see the gazelle but not that stealthy, furthermore, the cheetah has weapons for example; very sharp claws and teeth.

The gazelle's long limbs allow it to sprint rapidly out of range or predators. Their long limbs allow them to sprint rapidly out of range of predators. Their tan coloration help gazelles blend in with their environment, making them more difficult to spot by predators. Like many animals, gazelles use gestures and certain postures as warning communication in order to prevent conflict.

Common predator adaptations:
-Excellent vision
-High speed
-Weapons (sharp claws and teeth)
Common prey adaptations:
-Excellent vision
-High speed
-Defense (horns)
-Camouflage (tanned color skin)

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