Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Pyramid food chains and food webs

🔱Our pyramid food chain🔱

We have a food chain with three animals as follows;
Our food chain has grass (producer / autotroph), bird (primary consumer / heterotroph), and humans (secondary consumer / heterotroph). As we are the top of the food chain, we eat the primary consumer. For example: we eat fish, sheep, beef, pork, etc.

We are the top of the food chain, we can be omnivores or carnivores. We have another name; heterotroph; means that we use organic carbon for growth. We are the 2nd consumer (in level). 

As food chains get bigger, they turn into food webs, which are even bigger. Furthermore, there are two types of pyramids in a food chain - pyramid of numbers and pyramid of biomass. 

In addition, there are 5 levels in a food chain starts off with a decomposer, followed by a producer, followed by the 1st to 3rd consumer. As for our food consumed, we have to lose heat 30%, use 10% for growth, use 60% to lose waste. 

There examples below for you to examine 🔎.

Image result for brown bird

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