Wednesday, 24 August 2016

What is my symbiosis poster all about???

💧What is my symbiosis poster about?💧

Image result for protocooperation bee and flower           My poster is about how animals cooperate with each other (Protocooperation(+,+)) which they also have benefits for each other. In addition, there is also predation which is the action of attacking of one animals on others a secondary consumer eating a primary consumer (+,-). Finally is competition which is a fight of two organisms for things that need to survive or save the species such as food, mate or living place (-,-).
This poster is a project on protocooperation, predation, and competition. There are pictures that you can look at which are the examples of what my poster is all about. There are benefits and damages to the environment.
For example, the (+,+) which will be totally healthy and beneficial to the animals. The (+,-) sign will be only benefit the one of them and the other will have a disadvantage. The (-,-) will not beneficially benefit either of them.
Image result for predation

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