Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Summary of what we have learnt

🍁What have we learnt so far?🍁

What have we learnt is the topics of: Terrarium, Adaptations, My favourite activities, What is my symbiosis poster about, The Pyramid Food Chain, Decomposers, and Science Review Sheet.

We have done this in all of this term, as we approach next term, I will be able to write more than 10 posts (if possible). In addition, I had a lot of fun doing blogs and posts in our lesson in Panyarat High School. I would like to say that I enjoy all of my teacher's lessons. 

All of my favourite activities overall was making the Science Review Sheet for our Final exams because this is helping my friends review for the finale exams too! I hope this also helps my friends and the viewers for their knowledge and use for the lessons too.

The blog and the posts isn't so hard to make, therefore this will help me and help you to learn more about the things more about science. I could make blogs every week if available.

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