Thursday, 3 November 2016

Global warming Causes, Effects and Cures.

🌎Global Warming🌎

{Write about global warming - Cause, effect and cure}

The causes for global warming is pollution from cars, motorbikes, planes, etc. There are a factor of greenhouse effects too, as if the sunlight will bounce back to it's own spot, it is stuck in the atmosphere. About ninety percent has been the effect of greenhouse effects. This affects our world, every year the sun gets hotter and hotter every year, isn't it enough to make our world hot? Aren't you sweating? It's hotter and hotter, this doesn't effect only our lives, it effects the antarctic world, especially the polar bears. Therefore, we will have to make our world better by reducing pollution; not using cars, walk to school or use the sky train or subway. It is enough to make our world this hot. The highest temperature for Thailand is 42°c which is already hot. Furthermore, we also have to reduce waste, or else there will be more gases and carbon dioxide. We also have to recycle, reuse and reduce. Try to use things more efficiently! Keep up the cures for our world.