Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Volume, Density and Mass

😎 Volume, Density and Mass 😎
Kru Gary's Class

So, today we have done experiments of volume, density and mass, so what we did was we have sample numbers and weigh it on the measuring stand. We measured and got the results. Add a 150ml of water in a beaker - and drop the rocks into it. If the water gets higher than 200ml we will use a graduated measuring tube to measure it up and add it to the total number of 200ml. After that, we calculated the density of the volume and mass. By doing that, we divide mass by volume. That's the final result.

Sample No.    Weight of Grams    Volume ML    Density g / ML
       12                    149.94g              201 ml                0.74g
        1                     125.5g                202 ml                0.62g
        2                     136.3g                203 ml                0.14g
        4                         ---                        ---                     ---
        5                      45.4g                 174 ml                 0.26g
        6                      111.5g                201 ml                0.55g
        7                      246g                   201 ml                0.984g
        8                          ---                        ---                     ---
        9                      199.8g                221 ml                0.9 g
       10                         ---                        ---                     ---
       11                       98.4g                 200 ml               0.492g

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